P/EVO In Person Class

P/EVO In Person Class

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This in Person Class is an 8-hour course.  Once you pass the exam, you will receive a Washington Certification Card by mail.



02.04.23 Mineral Wells, Tx
 8:00am (time subject to change)
Red Lion Inn 
6801 US-180 
Mineral Wells, TX 76067
Call to Book Room 940-325-7829



P/EVO Qualifications


▢Proof of insurance

▢Driver’s license

▢At least 18 years of age

▢Be able to follow instructions

▢Wear corrective lenses if necessary

▢Be able to perform emergency flagging duties

▢Drug & alcohol free

▢Healthy and free of fatigue

▢No badges, emblems, or uniforms that could be mistaken for law enforcement



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