Smart Staff for Stop-Slow Sign

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SmartStaffs™ are 3-section extensions (staffs) you and your crew can use with all of our RollUp Paddles.  The SmartStaff is a simple one piece unit designed to  automatically align itself for quick  and easy deployment.  SmartStaffs are made of 1" PVC pipe and collapse down to approximately 25" in length, and are 72"+- long when extended. The SmartStaff is ideal for any flagger, and because it is a one-piece unit, you can deploy it in seconds. Just like all of our RollUp Stop/Slow Paddles (signs), "No fumbling...No bumbling"!  A SmartStaff with 18" RollUp Paddle is about 3" x 6" x 25" long and with a 24" RollUp Paddle is about 3"x6" x 30" long.

*Stop/Slow Signs are not included*

 Please see our selection of 18" and 24" rollup stop/slow signs to use with this smartstaff.

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